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Welcome to Biss Lumber

We can't please everyone, but most of our customers appreciate what we do for them.
Our advertising program is not much more than happy customers spreading the word of
their experience.  The best way to appreciate us is trying us out and forming your own opinion.
Some families have shopped with us for over three generations.  Come in and see for yourself;
start your own opinion.

Primed pine is a popular and convenient for all kinds of project.  A real time-saver, we keep many sizes ready for your project or job.

Doorhandles....the finer side of hardware.  Biss lumber stocks many fine brands of hardware beyond the utility and into the sphere of elegance and style.  Nearly any special order can be met on a schedule to match your project.


Our wide assortment of drawer handles will match or augment any funiture or cabinets that may be part of your job or project.

This specialty product, stocked by Biss Lumber, illustrates well the level of quality and selection that is available for both the discerning customer and those who service them.

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